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Serve in a Life Group

Life Groups do projects, have meals, learn together - many opportunities to serve!

The Montgomery Church Life Groups offer a wide range of opportunities to serve others. Here are a few examples to consider as you become comfortable in your life group and want to follow the service model Jesus demonstrated for us.

  • Offer to lead or organize or help with snacks/meals or beverage preparation
  • Provide reminders to attendees or collect/record attendance
  • Lead a prayer or collect prayer requests or pray for everyone in the group daily
  • Open your home on a once-in-awhile basis or a regular basis for the life group meetings
  • Be the greeter welcoming everyone with a big smile or make sure new people feel welcomed
  • Plan or lead ice breaker activities to create a fun, open environment where everyone feels connected
  • Be the discussion facilitator or assistant or planner
  • Be the meeting time monitor so sessions don't overrun
  • Organize or lead activities outside the group time
  • Be the organizer for babysitting or arrange activities for older kids
  • Organize or help with community service projects for the group