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"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

Thank You for Supporting God's Work at Montgomery Church

Thank you very much for supporting God's work at Montgomery Church. We are dedicated to Loving God and Loving Others.

Because of the church's great generosity, Montgomery Church has been able to provide support to transformational organizations such as Albuquerque Christian Children's Home and African Christian College; fund important neighborhood activities such as Wednesday night workshops and community dinners as well as numerous congregational fellowship activities including IF Gatherings and the building dedication. Important upcoming expenditures include the Vacation Bible School. Trunk or Treat, and Grand Opening Events.

We are faithfully committed to good stewardship and integrity in the management of the resources God has graciously given to us.

Why We Give

God has been very generous to us through His great grace and mercy. In response to this, we are called to be generous to others with what He has given us. What we do with what God has given us demonstrates to the world where our treasure is and helps proclaim the Gospel. We want to glorify God in every area of our lives, including what we do with our finances.

Giving by Check

Checks can be made out to "Montgomery Church of Christ" and placed in one of the locked black boxes hanging on the walls in the lobby or the auditorium. Checks can also be mailed or brought by the office at 7201 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109.

Giving Online

For your convenience, we are able to receive online contributions via our secure Church Community Builder database.

  • You will be able to give a one-time contribution or set up repeating contributions.
  • You will be given a choice of "General Contributions" or other categories.
  • You will be given a choice of payment types: Checking Account or Debit/Credit Card. Note that Checking Account contributions are preferred because the church has to pay transaction fees on Debit/Credit cards.

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