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Leadership Team

Say hello to the leadership team

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Montgomery Church!


Our Shepherds

Our Shepherds (Elders) are responsible for the direction and guidance of the church.

The Shepherds have chosen to focus their efforts on providing one-on-one attention in areas such as caring for those who are hurting, mentoring those desiring to grow spiritually, and equipping future leaders. Each Shepherding Couple has a Shepherding Group of 30-40 members that they pay special attention to. If you are not sure which Shepherding Group you are in, inquire here. Questions and discussions about Shepherding Groups as well as overall-vision, mission, and pastoral topics should be directed to the Shepherds here.

The Shepherds have chosen to delegate the day-to-day operations to the Interim Operations Director. Questions about operations, strategies, and ministries should be directed to the Interim Operations Director here.

"We would be honored to pray for you!" - Phil Cheves

Our Preaching Minister

Our Interim Preaching Minister is David Fleer. Dr. Fleer has served as a Bible and communications professor, as well as Special Assistant to the President at Lipscomb University. Additionally, he is the Executive Director of the Thomas H. Olbricht Christian Scholars Conference. He is a partner with Interim Ministry Partners, and has served alongside churches across the nation who are in transition and seeking new Lead Ministers.  Our Minister Search Team is currently preparing to interview Lead Minister candidates.

Our Staff

In the interim period while a new minister is selected, Anita Miller will lead the church operations, strategies, and ministries as the Interim Operations Director. She will be advised and assisted by shepherds Ted Roybal and Reuben Gutierrez. Read about Anita's background, family and blessings here.

Laura Burnett has led the Worship Ministry for 8 years. Read about Laura's music background and blessings here.

Allie Noble has been in Children's Ministry for 13 years. Read about Allie's background and blessings here.

Other staff members include Clay Norris as the Band Leader, Faith Myers as the Student Ministries Coordinator, Thomas Primozic as the Media Arts Leader, Michele Johnson as the Office Manager and Linda Rogers as the Financial Administrator.

"You are welcome to call the office (505-884-7926) with questions or requests. I'll be happy to help." - Michele Johnson