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"Uncomfortable" Sunday Message Series, Sundays 9 & 10:45.

! The Christian faith is uncomfortable! From carrying our cross to putting the needs of others ...

Jason and Thomas begin a new series, "Uncomfortable".

American Culture is a culture of comfort. We like things to be quick, easy, and relatively painless and straightforward. If something is uncomfortable, or overly demanding, we try to avoid it at all costs!  The Christian faith, though, is just that – uncomfortable! From carrying our cross to putting the needs of others above our own, the essence of the Christian faith is a call to step out of our comfort zones. This series is designed to help us embrace and see the beauty, power, and hope that exists when we accept the challenge to live “uncomfortably” with and for others.   

Following Jesus and living in intimate fellowship with other believers isn’t easy by any stretch (just ask anyone who has ever been in a small group), but it is truly the way that we experience the abundant life Jesus promised. It is okay to be “uncomfortable” - in fact that is where we will truly connect to Christ and fellow Christians.  

Join us this Sunday as we kick off a new series, “Uncomfortable”. We will regroup, and look at the importance of spiritual community, accountability, support and serving the needs of our community. Invite a friend or neighbor. After the last year and half, we are all hungry for connection.

Join us next Sunday for our acapella worship gathering at 9:00am and the instrumental worship gathering at 10:45, either in person or online at https://montgomery.online.church.

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