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Invite Others to Grow in a Life Group

Invite outsiders to your life group - a place to be encouraged, loved on, and do life together!

It's important to recognize that virtually everyone can benefit from being in a life group and that there are no requirements for them to be a member of the church.

Here are some ideas on how to offer this valuable opportunity to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances:

  • Pray for God to create opportunities for the building of your friendship. Ask God to make it clear when the time is right to invite your friends to try the group.
  • Invite people into your life long before inviting them to your life group. Do things together. Serve them by delivering food when they are sick, watching their kids, listening when they need to talk, etc.
  • ´╗┐Introduce them to life group members when possible. An example would be to have dessert and coffee for a group of friends that include life group members.
  • When the opportunities comes up, share how the group has been a blessing in your life.
  • First invite them to a social or service event that the life group is doing.