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Invite Neighbors to GO Activities

Get ideas for how to build relationships and invite neighbors to join you at events

Four concepts are important to recognize:

  • In difficult times people can turn inward. We can help people resist this temptation and begin carving out time to make a difference.
  • There are many people who want to contribute to the greater good.
  • We do not invite others to join our neighborhood activities so they will become members of our church.
  • Our "GO" activities are found in the Central Hub! and provide many natural opportunities to invite others to participate.

Here are some ideas on how to invite others to join us as we serve our neighbors:

  • Pray for God to create opportunities for the building of friendships. Ask God to make it clear when the time is right to invite friends to join us for a "GO activity.
  • The best first invitation is usually an invitation to a Wednesday night workshop or class. These workshops and classes include free childcare and a fun meal. The workshops and classes bring significant value to the attendee. The current and upcoming workshops are described here.
  • Consider first inviting an acquaintance to a social activity such as an Easter Egg Hunt, Shine School Partnership service event, Thanksgiving dinner or Fall Festival.
  • Invite acquaintances to join you in an outreach activity. You can take advantage of the activity invitation cards available at the Information Center.
  • Focus your conversation on how the activity helps the neighborhood and how serving neighbors has been a blessing in your life.