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Host Fall Laundry Love Event

Life Group to Host a Fall Laundry Love Event.

Service: Host the April Laundry Love event at the Spin Cycle at 6900 Montgomery Blvd NE, near the church building. The typical group is a Life Group with about 10 people to serve. A separate team will organize the products and materials so the primarily responsibility of this team is to host the event with greeters, machine loaders, and visitors with the participants. Instructions will be provided in advance.

When: On a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of your choosing toward the end of March. The typical event is about two hours long.

Location: The team will meet at the Spin Cycle at 6900 Montgomery Blvd NE. After prayer the team unloads the materials in the truck into the laundromat and serves the patrons according to the instruction sheet for about two hours. The primary activity is visiting with the neighbors and inviting them to events such as workshops or social events.

Quantity Needed: 1 life group each month for April through November of 2022.

Coordinator: Anita Miller