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"How to Start a Small Business" Workshop, Wednesdays @ 6pm, Sept 15-29

Small business owners coach on finding the right fit, success-oriented planning, and key strategies

This workshop will be facilitated by experienced small business owners Anita Miller, Ted Coffman, and Ron Duran.

The workshop is structured to cover the key aspects of starting a small business. The topics will include selecting a business that is right for you, making success-oriented plans, and learning strategies that really make a difference. Each participant will receive a binder of the class materials and supporting information. Participants will be guided through the development of a business plan and learn the steps required to launch a small business. The sessions will include interactive components with opportunities to ask questions, share experiences, and even request personalized assistance.

The participants will be encouraged to participate in the next two business-oriented workshops, if possible, for additional operational guidance and deeper strategies to consider.

If you have questions or would like to register for this September workshop, please use the form below or call the office at 505-884-7926 Monday through Thursday.